Medical Aspects of Housing

  • 1-day in-depth tailored training courses for housing officers and managers
  • We visit your offices to provide staff training
  • Full day courses on the medical and social welfare aspects of housing

Topics include:

  • A framework for the medical assessment of housing applications
  • Medical priority in allocations and transfer cases: best practice
  • Assessing vulnerability for priority need including Johnson/Hotak
  • 20 common medical problems in a housing context: including
    - depression & mental illness, personality disorders and self-harm
    - asthma, HIV, autism & ADHD
  • Drug abuse, alcoholism, harassment and noise
  • Current legislation: statutes, codes of guidance, case law, for England or Wales
  • Use of stairs & lifts / heating / extra bedrooms for carers / refusal of offers
  • Case studies to analyse and assess on the day
  • Best sources of medical information

£2850 per day plus VAT

Maximum 20 delegates.

Includes extensive documentation and materials.

We bring our own projection and presentation.


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Julie Vaniekerk
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