Now  Medical - Intentionality, Suitability & Reviews

Medical & Psychiatric Advice

We provide medical and psychiatric advice on homeless-intentionality, suitability of accommodation, and section 202 review cases.

Professional, independent advice to enable you to make the right decision.

We also advise on:

  • Refusal of offers
  • Reasonableness to remain
  • Locating outside the borough
  • Damp and disrepair
  • Effects of harassment and noise
  • Requests for extra bedrooms and gardens
  • And all other housing medical matters

Send us cases using our secure case portal or alternatively by email, courier, or direct access to your system.


£40 per case plus VAT
For full advice with reasons in an individual report


£80 per case plus VAT
For complex cases or for advice from our psychiatrists

We guarantee to report back within five working days.

You can rely on NowMedical to provide a prompt and reliable service...we consider them value for money

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